What Makes Skin Care by Pakâge So Unique?

Taking care of your skin can slow down aging and improve skin hydration to achieve a glowing and more youthful complexion. You need the right skin care products to better your skin condition and boost your confidence. Pakage Locale is a Canadian-based business dedicated to supplying some of the best skin care products in the country. Here's what makes our skin care so unique:

Our Products Are 100% Cruelty-Free

We believe any willing apothecary can create cruelty-free products, as there are numerous testing techniques that don't involve animals. These techniques might include computer modelling and in-vitro testing.

We've done our due diligence to confirm all our skin care products are cruelty-free. Buying from us can help you save animals that'd have otherwise been used by companies that conduct animal testing. 

Our Products Are Sustainable 

Sustainability is one of our core pillars — we only partner with businesses that use natural ingredients and help conserve the environment. Products made from natural ingredients are safer than those that contain industrial chemicals, lowering the risk of adverse skin reactions — you get to conserve the environment while protecting your skin at the same time when you choose our products. We do our part by using biodegradable peanuts when packaging all orders and providing tips for repurposing or recycling containers after use — this can reduce littering. 

We Have Products for the Whole Family 

Finding something for the entire family can be daunting, as some sellers prefer to focus on a single target market. We differentiate ourselves by stocking everything from men’s supplies like beard oil to kids' products like body wash shampoos. Our inventory also contains a wide selection of women's beauty products — you don't need to browse multiple sites looking for skin care products for your loved ones. 

Small Businesses Supply Our Skin Care Products 

Small businesses have difficulty competing with large businesses because they have less capital than the latter. Many can't get the visibility large businesses have because their products are often overshadowed by big brands when sold together. 

Our skin care gives small businesses a fighting chance, as we exclusively sell products they make. This means they don't have to allocate too much money to their marketing budget to get the same visibility as large companies. They can instead refocus their capital on providing high-quality products. You can support small businesses by buying your skin care products from our site. 

Our Skin Care Line Is 100% Local 

Rapid globalization has made it possible for people in Canada to access products from all over the world. While this is a good thing, it has brought a lot of competition to Canadian-owned businesses, making it difficult for them to thrive. Our skin care is dedicated to supporting local businesses — you can rest assured all skin care products you buy from us are 100% Canadian owned.

Pakage Locale Is Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Skin Care Needs 

Pakage Locale offers unique shopping experiences for shoppers in Canada. All our skin care products are cruelty-free and sustainable, making them ideal for your skin and the environment. Canadian small businesses supply our products, so you can promote your local economy and uplift small entrepreneurs with every purchase. You'll likely get every skin care product you need on our platform, as we offer something for the whole family. Order your favorite skin care products to help us support sustainable Canadian small businesses. 

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