Unique Snacks for Your Pakâge Gift Box

A snack gift box can include candy, cookies, and other enjoyable goodies. Delicious snack gift boxes are a category of items people love to get for birthdays, holidays, or just as something fun for every day. Pakage Locale lets everyone select their perfect snacks to avoid gift-giving stress and guesswork. Here are unique snacks for your gift box:

Shortbread Cookies

Everyone loves shortbread cookies because they are buttery, wonderfully rich biscuits that melt in the mouth. They are a lovely snack for every occasion and can be taken with a cup of coffee, tea, or just on their own. 

The recipes usually contain three vital ingredients to produce a delicious taste—flour, butter, and sugar. You can include extra ingredients to produce different flavors.

We make our Vanilla Bean Shortbreads using real vanilla beans and creamery butter. Delicious and crumbly, these cookies are a fantastic treat for any time of the day.


Popcorn can make a uniquely-fun party snack or gift for a friend. They pair perfectly with gift boxes because they can add both sweet and salty flavor combinations.

Our Comeback Snacks Popcorn is available in double-coated caramel, peanut butter + chocolate caramel, salted chocolate caramel, lemon pepper dill, and triple cheese. The flavor varieties allow you to enjoy both a sweet, buttery taste and a more savory taste. Why settle for just one flavor when you can have a large assortment of appetizing flavors?


A bite of delicious chocolate can offer warmth, joy, and comfort on every occasion. Getting a gift box of chocolates when you're feeling down can help brighten your mood.

Chocolate increases the production of endorphins in the brain, which are mood-boosting antioxidants. Premium chocolates make gifting too easy regardless of the type and flavor you prefer.

Our Hummingbird Chocolate is pure craft from bean to bar. This brand is made with ethically-sourced, organic ingredients. Enjoy our gluten- and soy-free chocolates in several different flavors. 

Jams and Jellies

Jams and jellies make unique snacks for gift boxes because you can use them in all kinds of settings. You can make a charcuterie board or you can add them to many kinds of recipes. These recipes can include cookies, jam straws, toaster pastries, or cheesecake.

Our Red Pepper Jelly offers a pleasant, spicy flavor that is unique and fun. Pair with crackers and cream cheese to make a delicious appetizer. You can also pair our Rose Petal Wine Jelly with various kinds of cheese on a charcuterie board.

Our French Onion Jam offers another delicious, savory option. We also have the Peach Prosecco Jam and Strawberry Elderflower Jam that you can try for a sweeter flavor.

Unique Snacks for Your Gift Box at Pakage Locale

Pakage Locale offers unique snacks for your gift box. Choose to support small businesses that offer high-quality products. With so many snack options available, you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. 

Contact us if you want recommendations on the best snacks to buy or if you have any questions.

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