Fluff Pet Care - Deep Waters Leash

Fluff Pet Care - Deep Waters Leash

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Nautical blue leash inspired by the deep waters of the ocean.

Made with 100% cotton rope, this leash will be soft enough on your hands, but sturdy enough for walking your dog. We hand dye the rope in small batches and then use expert ropework techniques for assembly and security.

Each rope is spliced (braided) and then "whipped" with cotton cording. The leash also features a solid brass snap hook to easily clip to your dog's harness, and a brass o-ring to clip a waste bag holder to.

Each leash is 5ft long and offered in a 3/8" (10mm) size rope for smaller sized dogs (10-25lbs), and a 1/2" (12mm) size rope for medium/large sized dogs (25-100lbs).

Please expect slight variations since this leash is 100% handmade and hand dyed. We do our best to ensure all leashes look as similar as possible.

Made in Canada