Perfect Host Bundle

Perfect Host Bundle

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 Having people over? This is the perfect set for you or for someone you love! 


Serve this delicious Sauvignon Blanc on our award winning Lynn + Liana bamboo serving board.

Add our provisions peach prosecco jam to any appetizer you're serving or add it to your charcuterie board to make those cheese flavours really pop! 

Chandler Honey is a perfect addition to a charcuterie board too, or you can use it for any and all teas. The dessert Earl Grey Cream tea from Tealish is a great pairing for this honey as well! 

What are the holidays without a little bit of chocolate? This Fleur De Sel from Hummingbird chocolate has won several awards. No added preservatives, just simple ingredients and delicious taste. 


*Please note wine + Alcohol is for Local Delivery Toronto + GTA only, cannot be shipped 


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