Sagittarius Bundle

Sagittarius Bundle

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Say hello to Sagittarius ♐️ ⚡️

Who doesn’t love a Sagittarius? The final fire sign of the zodiac and the last sign of fall, Sagittarius are known for being optimistic, friendly and an overall good time. Adaptable and flexible they are always open to change. 

Incredible storytellers, entertainers and creatives we thought a fujifilm disposable camera would help them capture every thrill seeking moment their heart desires.  As fun-spirited and playful a Sagittarius can be, consistency and commitment is a challenge for them.

The good news is, they’re a sign that’s obsessed with self-improvement. We’ve added 3 essentials for an easy skin-care commitment for all our Sagittarius’ who don’t stay on top of their skin regimen. 

Our best-selling honam naturals sugar scrub will help exfoliate the skin, get rid of dead skin cells and any ingrown hairs/ unwanted bumps. 

Brand new and in high demand, our Bermuda oil will help with any dark spots, hyperpigmentation, acne and even sunspots to help achieve a youthful glow to be the fabulous Sagittarius we all know you are. 

Finally our butterful Marula cream will lock in all your hard work from exfoliating and spot treatment. Hydrating your skin is the number one way to promote anti-aging and keep glowing, all winter long. 

Sticking with the obsession of self-improvement, detoxing is a great way to create good gut health and release any toxins within the body. That’s why we’ve added the delicious detox tea for our Sagittarius friends to enjoy and upkeep their wellbeing.